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Bees, wasps, and hornets.

Stinging Insects

Insect removal can be a tricky process. Bees, wasps, and other stinging insects are generally friendly, and don’t intend harm. But if you’ve started to notice an abundance of these pests, you could have a hive, nest, or other larger issues on your hands. Nobody wants to wander into the often-unnoticed corner of their home to find a hive of bees, hornets or wasps. That’s why we offer stinging insect treatment and removal services. With our team of trained experts, we can rid your home of stinging insects.

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Stinging Insects

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Residential & Commercial

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West Michigan

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As needed


$95 - $195 initial treatment

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Effectively reduces the risk of stings, enhances outdoor safety, and protects your property's aesthetics and structural integrity.

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How To Identify Stinging Insects

Most people can identify stinging insects quite easily. They are often yellow, black, or brown in color, buzz, and sting if threatened. An infestation is a bit harder to narrow down. A clear indicator is an excessive number of bees around a home, barn, or garage. Often, if the insects appear to be coming from multiple directions, laden with pollen, then you may have a hive or nest nearby. Often, nests are made in trees, underneath floorboards, under the eaves of the home, in a garage or shed, or with the walls of a house.

Damage Caused By Stinging Insects

The main issue that stinging insects can bring is of course, the stinging itself. However, there are a few other issues that may linger if a colony of bees, hornets, or wasps is left untouched. These insects can often bring unwanted bacteria. If a nest is near or around your home, you may find damage to the structure of your house. Just the weight of a nest alone could cause pressure on chimneys, walls, and other parts of the house. Honey, wax and bee excrement can also cause unnecessary stains and damage if left untreated. Last but not least, the tunnels left in your home by bees, wasps, and hornets can become an entry method for other insects that can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

How Empire Pest Control Tackles A Stinging Insect Infestation

Stinging insects are not only frightening and annoying, but can sting the skin causing pain, rash, or allergic reaction. There are a few different techniques that can be applied at once to assure one’s property is free of these stinging machines. We will first: locate the nest by watching the flight patterns. We will then: determine the best course of action depending on the species of stinging insect. Followed by: treatment of the nest with an aerosol and/or dust insecticide (if honey bees, we will contact a local beekeeper to remove the hive without hurting any of the bees). After the treatment, the hive is left in place so that any returning insects will go through the insecticide. Removal of the nest is recommended 3-5 days after treatment.

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Stinging Insects


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