Foxes - Pest Control In Holland, MI

Threaten livestock and pets.


Foxes are rarely presented as a nuisance and viewed more as a majestic animal. But when it comes to agricultural and hobby farms, sometimes Fox will be a persistent nuisance by killing animals in your area. If you are experiencing an issue with Fox kills in your area, Empire Pest and Wildlife Control is here to provide professional removal services to keep your animals safe.

Service Information

Service Type :


Property Type:

Residential & Commercial

Service Available In:

West Michigan

Recommended Maintenance:

As needed, with follow-up inspections to ensure all attractants are managed and exclusion measures are in place.


$150 - $250 Service Fee initial treatment $50 - $150 Per Animal Removal follow up treatment

Service Benefits:

Minimizes risk to pets and property

Project Single Image
Project Single Image

How To Identify Foxs

Tracks & scat.

Damage Caused By Foxs

Compromised chicken coop, loss of livestock/poultry.

How Empire Pest Control Tackles A Fox Infestation

Empire Pest & Wildlife Control will investigate all fox activity and place foot traps where they deem necessary.

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