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Get into garbage; carry diseases.


Raccoons are very easily recognized by the rings on their tails and black “mask” on the face. In urban environments, raccoons have adapted and frequently enter homes from vulnerable areas like roofs and chimneys. They have no problem tearing through an area to gain access into your home. Many who experience a nuisance raccoon will hear lumbering or scratching noises. Empire Pest and Wildlife Control is your go-to place for anything from Roaches to Raccoons. Don’t let these bandits rob you from getting the good night rest you deserve and call us today.

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Service Type :


Property Type:

Residential & Commercial

Service Available In:

West Michigan

Recommended Maintenance:

As needed, with a focus on preventive measures and habitat modification to deter future invasions.


$150-250 Service Fees initial treatment, $50 - $100 Per Animal Removed follow up treatment

Service Benefits:

Protect your property from raccoon damage and health risks with our humane removal and exclusion services.

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Project Single Image

How To Identify Raccoons

Noises in attic space, damage to the exterior, and droppings.

Damage Caused By Raccoons


How Empire Pest Control Tackles A Raccoon Infestation

Empire Pest & Wildlife uses modern trapping as well as traditional trapping methods to safely remove raccoons from your home. When necessary, Empire will use eviction fluids to remove raccoons from hard-to-reach places like chimneys. When it comes to the damage caused by raccoons, Empire offers home repairs, removal of droppings, and install of chimney caps.

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