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Some are venomous.


When it comes to spider pest control, some homeowners can be hesitant to seek help. Spiders often make their entrance at the worst time possible. You often don’t notice their webs, or realize when they’ve made themselves at home inside your house. While most people notice spiders in the evening, a common time for them to be most active is between 6am and 8am – when most people are asleep, busy, or leaving for work. Often, in colder climates, especially as winter months approach, spiders seek warmer areas and start to invade homes more often. That’s when it may be time to contact a spider removal company.

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Residential & Commercial

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West Michigan

Recommended Maintenance:

Bi-annual or as needed, especially before spring and fall when spider activity increases.


$125 - $175 initial treatment, $55 - $85 monthly treatment

Service Benefits:

Our Spiders Service eliminates unwanted arachnids, enhancing indoor comfort and reducing the risk of bites, for a safer, spider-free home.

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How To Identify Spiders

Spiders are one of the easiest pests to identify within your home. Typically, webs appear near hard-to-reach corners of homes. Spiders like to be left alone, so you’ll often find them in darker, low-traffic areas that you may not often look to, such as cupboards, basements, and attics. As mentioned, like humans, spiders don’t like the cold, and they begin to seek warmer areas as the winter months begin. If you have other insects making a home within your house, spiders may also seek these insects for food.

Damage Caused By Spiders

While spiders typically do not cause structural damage to the home, there are a few ways they can cause harm, whether apparent or not. As most people know, when spiders feel threatened, they will often bite humans. Depending on the type of spider, this can lead to swelling, or in the worst cases, death. Some types of spiders can be harmful for plants by deterring bugs that would otherwise pollinate them. Last but not least, we usually don’t encounter most spiders in our home. In spring, spiders often begin to mate, and prefer to lay their eggs within warm areas, which can lead to worse spider infestations that can become far more obvious later on.

How Empire Pest Control Tackles A Spider Infestation

Typically, spider treatment can be approached from indoors and outdoors. Wherever the problem starts, it’s a good idea to evaluate the problem from both angles. An indoor treatment can help eliminate spiders that have already entered the property, while both can be helpful in keeping them out altogether. We typically use chemical treatments along with a thorough search into less-often noticed areas to control or remove the pests from the property. Our technicians are trained in spider pest control, and our services are backed by our 30-day guarantee.

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