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Can cause property damage.


Birds become a nuisance when they decide to build a nest in your vents, in porch pillars, or other areas around your home. You might notice a significant amount of bird droppings below a vent on your homes siding or on the ground below the nest. Birds can get inside through an opening about 2” and build a nest quickly. At Empire Pest and Wildlife Control, we provide bird and nest removal along with preventative services to all your bird issues.

Service Information

Service Type :


Property Type:

Residential & Commercial

Service Available In:

West Michigan

Recommended Maintenance:

Annual inspections and adjustments as needed to deter new bird populations effectively.


pricing may vary depending on inspection results

Service Benefits:

Minimizes health risks and property damag

Project Single Image
Project Single Image

How To Identify Birdss

Droppings on the siding, visual sightings, noises in vents, and a visual nest.

Damage Caused By Birdss

Discoloration of siding, and damage to vent hoses.

How Empire Pest Control Tackles A Birds Infestation

Empire Pest & Wildlife Control will remove all nests, eggs, and birds from the home with live trapping as well as traditional trapping methods. Empire will remove all debris caused by a bird infestation and prevent it from happening again.

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