Muskrats - Pest Control In Holland, MI

Damage ponds and banks.


Muskrats are found close to water and create elaborate dens. Some well-established dens can be located up to 20 feet from the shore. This can cause serious damage not only to your shoreline but also damage to equipment and personal injuries if the den collapses while mowing or walking the shoreline. At Empire Pest and Wildlife Control, we are committed to your safety and preservation of your property by removing muskrat from your property.

Service Information

Service Type :


Property Type:

Residential & Commercial

Service Available In:

West Michigan

Recommended Maintenance:

As needed, based on initial removal success and seasonal activity patterns of muskrats.


$150 - $250 Service Fee initial treatment, $50 - $100 Per Animal Removed follow up treatment

Service Benefits:

effectively removes muskrats, preventing burrow damage to property.

Project Single Image
Project Single Image

How To Identify Muskrats

Visual sightings, and disturbed sediment near water.

Damage Caused By Muskrats

Erosion around ponds and damage to pond vegetation.

How Empire Pest Control Tackles A Muskrat Infestation

Empire Pest & Wildlife uses traditional trapping methods to remove muskrats around your property.

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